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Company Profile

Company Profile

Shanghai Dianhao Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. has a plant of more than 8,800 square meters and was granted the right to import and export in 2007, and is an ISO9001 and 16949 certified enterprise. Since its establishment, we mainly provide sheet metal parts, welding processing, electrophoresis processing, plastic spraying processing and painting processing for customers. The existing main equipment: shearing machine, bending machine, electric welding machine, hanging type shot blasting machine, through type shot blasting machine, manual sand blasting machine, hanging type paint spraying line, hanging type plastic spraying line, hanging type electrophoresis line, large plastic spraying oven. As well as the corresponding practitioners qualified personnel and quality testing equipment. The processing fields covered are textile machinery, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, automobiles, electronics, power, etc. We have gradually formed a complete industrial chain of metal processing, engineering contracting, metal painting, etc., which is adapted to the supporting and contracting of industrial products.



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